What could you do in the next six months?  Lose some weight?  Read a book?  Or just keep on keepin’ on???
These questions speak of time.  A specific block of time.  Something I’ve always resisted thinking about most of my life.  Starting in school my reluctance to think about things in terms of time or a schedule began.  I hated the brackets and boxes that people put time into.  If a class or activity was boring or unpleasant time slowed down, (especially Algebra class!)  If I was involved in a project, game, or especially some creative pursuit I never had enough time.  Very annoying…  And my struggles with time continue to this day. Even though I’m an Old Dog, I am learning new tricks.

If I were totally honest I would have to say that I prefer to be free to decide how I want to spend my time each and every day.  
No schedule.  No plan.  Just go where my immediate morning momentary interest takes me…  And as the owner and CEO of my own company I can do whatever I want to!  I’m the Boss of my applesauce!  
But truth be told, children operate this way.  With minds focused on the present, attention spans being measured by minutes instead of hours, days, weeks or months… They really do live in the moment.  A good thing in many ways.  But getting a handle on time does need to happen.  Comes with growing up.   Clearly, something I’ve been slow to embrace in that regard.  And yeah, I’ll take that...  

But of course I’ve also managed to do a whole bunch of things in my life even with my time management conundrums.  Started multiple businesses, gotten married, bought a few houses, and had two awesome kids to name a few.  But what’s next?  Is time still a torment?  Or a path to my purpose?  Let's see…

The world runs on “time”.  It’s how everything functions.  Even rest and quiet times must be scheduled……are you running out of time to read this blog for example?  Gotta move on to the next item on your to-do list any second?   Well, you have my permission and complete understanding if you do.   :)

But what is the secret to living and working in a time obsessed world?  Where’s the balance?  How does one find freedom from the tick-tocking torment of time?   For me the key is not so much about time itself, (or schedules, and day planners, however effective they can be)  but rather where my passions, soul foods, and must-do’s lie.  Let’s take them in reverse order.

1 - MUST DO’S:  We need to do what we need to do to pay the bills and support our families.  Gotta get to work when we should and leave when we’re done.  Have to love, connect with, and provide for our families no matter what!  But we MUST include the following two life parts as well.  For as the saying goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.  
2 - SOUL FOODS:  We must feed ourselves with a “soul food” of our choosing.  This is a hobby or activity that touches our inner being.  That you can’t wait to be doing.  
3 - PASSIONS:  Then we also need to spend time pursuing a passion, a deeper purpose.  This could be a ministry to use a faith-based term.  And ideally, this would be something that helps others.  Serves others.  Teaches others.  And relieves others.  

If we do this right then over time, pun intended, we begin to shift from the must-do job to a want-to-do job.  And if we focus, plan and pay attention, a-love-to-do job can become a full pursuit of our passion.  An exciting discovery of our God-designed purpose(s).   Like what you see in people who seem full of an uncanny joy and enthusiasm about something they love.  Something they do and pursue.  
THIS is what I’m striving for.  A passionate pursuit of God’s purpose for me.  

And so about six months ago I began a new journey.  A new endeavor.  With the masterful help of my nephew Corey Haines I launched my website www.daverhenderson.com and set up an online “store”.  At the time I had nothing to sell or even give away.  But I had an idea to begin sharing some of what I’d learned over decades and decades making a living making stuff.  

I started writing blogs and have completed 25 to date.  I created some pdf files, videos and other content which I gave away.  I also wrote a book about my experience and knowledge of artificial rock construction titled Makin’ Rocks as well as a course on How To Sell More Jobs Using Your Personality & Some Pencils.  Results?   Since I offered my first paid products, ($25 and $26 respectively) on October 24th, 2018 I’ve grossed over $1,200!  All that in just a bit more than a month!  Another awesome result has been all the kind and encouraging comments from people who have downloaded my content.   Comments that show I’m making a positive difference in peoples lives!  

So I’m very excited about the future.  Feels like my life is really starting to line up more and more with God’s purposes for me.  It did take some self-discipline to manage my time better but because I was working in areas of my passions I was motivated to do what I needed to do to get where I wanted to go.  

Let us all grab hold of our passions, learn to master time just a little bit better and start, or continue, to follow God”s purposes for us one day at a time.

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