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Jeremy LaBahn


It all started with a question: "What does it mean to be a man?"

This question has been on the forefront of our minds for a while now, given both the circumstances of our lives and the circumstances of our culture.

We're both entering a season of change, transition, and responsibility as young men. With one of us recently getting married, taking on a new role as a husband and provider, and the other transitioning careers, becoming a business owner, and preparing for marriage, we both felt that there was a clear need for help. Luckily, we have each other, and many other close friends and father figures in our lives.

But, we had a desire for more. More guidance. More accountability. More wisdom. More help.

And it got us thinking, "How many others are out there like us?"

Navigating manhood is no easy task. It's a life-long discovery of who God created you to be. So instead of limiting our experiences to each other, we want to share with every man willing to listen. Instead of limiting our fellowship to our location, we want to reach and connect globally.

We look to Scripture to tell us what it means to be a man.

“Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.” — Genesis 2:15

That's what we believe it means to be a man: To cultivate and keep.

John Eldredge says it best in the classic Wild At Heart.

“Why does God create Adam? What is a man for? If you know what something is designed to do, then you know it’s purpose in life. A retriever loves the water; a lion loves the hunt; a hawk loves to soar. It’s what they’re made for. Desire reveals design, and design reveals destiny. In the case of human beings, our design is also revealed by our desires. Let’s take adventure for example. Adam and all his sons after him are given an incredible mission: rule and subdue, be fruitful and multiply. ‘Here is the entire earth, Adam. Explore it, cultivate it, care for it—it is your kingdom.’ Whoa… talk about an invitation.”

So what are you here on Earth for?

What did God create you to do?

Who did God create you to be?

These are questions we want to help you answer. You can dig in by listening to our podcast, reading our blog (which is authored by many wise people we trust), and joining our community. You can also find a list of our favorite resources for Christian men to help you along your journey.

You can also read more about our beliefs by reading our confession.

More on Corey: Corey is a SaaS marketer and currently serves as the Head of Growth for Baremetrics. He's also the creator of, the best place to discover marketing jobs in tech, SaaS, and e-commerce.

More on Jeremy: Jeremy is the owner of Stecklair Event Co., which provides event rentals and decor for weddings, corporations, and large gatherings.

Become the man God created you to be.

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