Recently I’ve settled on a few central themes of my life.

I’ve always been an advocate for having goals, but it didn’t feel quite right to try to quantify and pinpoint what I actually wanted to achieve.

So instead, I found it best to ask myself questions and then go from there.

The three questions I’m asking myself right now are:

  • What habits do I need to build to become the person I want to be?
  • How do I be a better spiritual leader to Monique?
  • What steps do I take right now to become a full-time entrepreneur?

Lofty? Yes. Clarifying? Also yes.

Let me break down each one individually.

What habits do I need to build to become the person I want to be?

Recently I read atomic habits by James Clear. I can’t recommend the book enough. I think what’s most enlightening about the book is how truly habits dictate who we are now and who we become in the future.

One of my favorite concepts in the book is about how every action is a vote towards the person that you want to be. Each day, it may seem like you were exactly the same. But over time, actions compound into meaningful changes.

Habits really are the corner-stone of who you are as a person. Want to be someone who is fit and active? Build a habit of exercising a couple times a week. Want to write a book? Build a habit of writing just a few words every day.

This really got me thinking about the person that I want to be (For my own personal gain as well as the benefit of others) and the habits that will compound over time to help me become the person.

For example:

  • I want to be a morning person
  • I want to be fit and muscular
  • I want to be a tenacious reader
  • I want to be a studier of the Bible
  • I want to be extremely productive and able to manage multiple projects and roles

Some accompanying habits to help me become that kind of person include:

  • Wake up at 6am during the week ans 8am on the weekend
  • Workout 3x a week and walk my dog every day
  • Listen to audiobooks while I walk and workout
  • Block out time every day to read the Bible
  • Dedicate Tuesday nights and any free time to personal projects and Cultivate & Keep

How do I be a better spiritual leader to Monique?

This one is hard to admit, and tough to break through.

As a young married man, I’m realizing more and more how little I know.

One area, in particular, has been harder than others: spiritual leadership.

And not just the “lead by example” kind of passive leadership, but the active kind of leadership that directs.

I don’t claim to have all the answers or have it figured out, but some of the things that have helped immediately are:

  • Praying together before we fall asleep
  • Not being afraid to worship freely in front of each other
  • Listening to Christian podcasts
  • Talking about more spiritual issues

What steps do I take right now to become a full-time entrepreneur?

My ultimate career goal is to be an entrepreneur. This is something that I’ve thought about and had in mind for a long time.

I even have Over ~100  Business ideas stored away in my notes app that I’ve gathered over time as ideas pop in my head every day.

But ideas are near worthless.  What’s truly volleyball is execution.

So while I am not in the right place to fully pursue an idea, what I can do is prepare myself for when that time comes.

Then, in the moment and time is right, my work can begin.

This question has helped me clarify what exactly I need to be doing in the meantime.

Some of the things that became apparent as I thought about it include:

  • Learn how to code
  • Increase my knowledge and practice of marketing and sales
  • Network and build relationships with other marketers and founders
  • Learn from and watch other entrepreneurs in different categories and industries

In recap

These are no New-Years-resolution-conquer-The-world-in-a-year kind of goals. These things take years.

What questions are you asking yourself?

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