This is something every man hears in his lifetime — boy, adolescent, or man.

“Man up!”

In other words: “Act more like a man!”

But is that what it really means?

It’s often said when someone is showing a sign of weakness, emotion, or overwhelm.

A boy scrapes his knee and starts crying. A kid is insulted or made fun of and goes to the teacher to tell on the other kids. A man complains about how much he has to work or how hard he has it.

“Man up...” they’ll gripe.

I could go on with other examples, but I think you understand where I’m going with it.

Hiding your emotion, pretending you’re okay when you’re not, and subduing your struggles is NOT the right way to “man up.”

Your manhood is not tied up in your ability to be tough. It has nothing to do with looking like a tattle-tale. And (more relatably) nothing to do with your ability to cope with misery.

Here’s my take on what it means to man up (in a Biblical perspective)

  • Love your wife
  • Be a studier of the Word
  • Be vulnerable with others
  • Be honest, even if it’s embarrassing
  • Do the right thing, always
  • Have hard conversations
  • Be the friend you want to have as a friend

And I could list a thousand more things have nothing to do with toughness or emotional disconnect.

The point is: The real way to man up is to be a doer of the Word.

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